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Top Summer Fruit Juices to Beat the Heat this Summer!

How to Protect from Dehydration In the Summer

Summer in India has already begun to shatter the streets and with the advent of summers, we think of myriad ways to beat the heat and take a chill pill.

For now, the best way to keep ourselves hydrated and be protected from the thirst and sweating is to get continuously engaged with special juices for summer made out of fruits and veggies.

You know you have to drink a lot of water or fluids in  the summers, but to reach out for a glass of water every time can seem a little tedious, so bring on those antioxidant-rich juices to fulfill your fluid requirements and also give your taste buds something new and exciting to taste! Whether it is those healthy juice drinks or just a lemonade, it all makes a makes a difference to your daily lifestyle.

Why Should You Have Juices?

  • Stay hydrated – Juices can hydrate you in the sweltering summer heat.
  • Quick-fix meal plan – No elaborate planning needed, just blend and you have your ready meal.
  • A daily fix of vitamins and minerals – It’s always not possible to have five to six helpings of vegetables daily, so the next best option, put it in a blender and whizz away!
  • Good replacement for fizzy drinks – These juices and smoothies are a healthier alternative to sugar-laden fizzy drinks.
  • Light and refreshing – Sometimes in the summer months, it’s difficult to have heavy meals. In substitute for all these meals, one can chug away at a glass of healthy juice drink.

Best Fruit Juices For Summer

Lemon Juice

Lemon is the most usual ingredient applied in health care for both physical body treatments and foods. Lemon juice alone is a detox juice. We can create many detox juice recipes with lemon as juices for summer. The major reason behind lemon’s popularity in health care is its highly abundant Vitamin C.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon fruit is the most preferred juice for summer time. Raw fruit is also taken widely for its hydration and detoxification. The water content of the fruit makes it highly consumed summer juice. The specialty which makes it a popular summer fruit juice is its water content. Water in the fruit is only advantageous for the benefits of hydration and detoxification. There is no other fruit like melon fruits to provide this benefit.

Cucumber Juice

Cucumber is a wonderful anti-calorie, fiber-rich, detoxifying ingredient. There are many other adjectives to this tremendously useful food. The detox juice cleanse the toxins, microorganisms in the body to a maximum level if we consume it every day.

Mango Juice

A raw mango can do a lot of favors to the body, and the mango juice shows a separately stronger list of benefits. We can consume either of them, but juice gives extra hydrating, detoxifying advantages with some added ingredients. Mango improves the digestion, eye vision, gives a better skin complexion, controls cholesterol.

Papaya Juice

Papaya in the juices for summer has special benefits of saving the heart, regulating blood circulation, cleansing the body. These are the most demanded problems to be cured in summer by most people.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is the most consumed fruit juices for summer for health concern, and they deserve the place because of their enormous vitamins, minerals, fibers. Also, orange is good for the body to give anti-inflammatory effect, control blood pressure and cholesterol, and strengthen the immune system.

These are a few fruit juices that can make your summers much better.

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