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Taste in Every Healthy Sip

If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice.

More and more customers are opting for healthier options like juices and smoothies over colas and beverages. They are no longer considered a fad as health conscious people are seeking healthier alternatives. A fresh juice fuels your body fulfilling your nutrition needs and at the same time tastes good.


Once frequented by health geeks, the popularity of a juice franchise has extended to drinks that quench your thirst but give you an instant boost of energy. The very same that crowd that frequents coffee shops is looking for wholesome, nutritious alternatives.

They bring in their friends, informing them via social media. Thus the juice bar franchise becomes media-savvy social resulting in repeated and newer footfalls.

Taste the Natural -100% fruit, 0% anything else

It’s a lifestyle makeover for the health conscious customer who is forever on the go, hard-pressed for time. They are doing a U-turn from the packaged and canned sugary drinks loaded with high-fructose content and artificial flavorings. They are opting for the vitamin-rich nutritious alternative. The fruits and vegetables used in the blends are farm fresh, sourced from local vendors. The juice is advised to be consumed within 20 minutes of extracting. Once the oxidation process starts the nutritional value starts declining. Great care is taken to extract juices with help of sanitized machinery/equipment.

There are additives to the menu like healthy salads on the side, soups for a wintery day. The place is ideal for those who want to hang out and have their dose of nutrition and equally ideal for those who need something on the go.

This is the right fix for those who want more green in their diet and  prefer natural ingredients but are having too much on their plate to concoct something on their own .Visiting a juice bar is must for these new veterans.


The market is highly optimistic according to industry experts. The youth keep coming back for an unforgettable boost of energy from natural products. They are hooked and booked for life. This paradigm shift in cultural preferences, juice over coffee and other beverages will help franchises double their numbers in a quick span of time.

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