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Samosa – The King of Snacks

What is a Samosa?

A little crispy start

A little mushy next,

Served hot served, served right.

A Samosa is a 3D triangle, its volume filled with goodies. Samosa and cutting chai (tea) have been the necessities (the staple diet) of students pan India through their college days. How they wish it would transform into a 3D octagonal one, it would add more to its charisma (appeal) and of course its volume!

If you look further down, most of us Indians in our growing up years had indigenous birthday parties with the ubiquitous samosa, potato wafers and cake.

It is crisp, scalding hot, stuffed with potatoes and peas, tempered with the right masalas, served with tamarind or green chutney on the side. Accompanied with endless cups of hot Masala chai (tea), it is the perfect antidote for your lethargy on a lazy winter afternoon.

The samosa has its origins in South East Asia, satisfying cravings with a blast of flavor in every bite. A ‘fit’ or ‘hit’ for every occasion, it is now being modified to serve the changing taste buds. There is the ‘Samosa Chaat’, samosa topped with choley, khatta-meetha imli chutney (sweet, sour tamarind dip), and slivers of onions to add to the crunchiness. This Chaat is like a mini meal. Other than the regular Punjabi samosa, the new entrants on the scene are Chinese, Italian and Mexican flavors, importing taste from different parts of the world. And hold your breath there is chocolate samosa for the chocoholics!

The samosa very much alike an enthusiastic traveler has left its footprint pan India. It can be never be junk! The loyal Indian derives great pleasure in crushing its outer cover and dunking it in a cup of hot adrakwali (ginger) tea. Then coolly attacks the mushy next savoring its goodness!

This twisted pack of goodness is the king of snacks. In most parts of India, especially in the North you find it on the breakfast table with regularity. It is served at high tea, kitty parties.

A food franchise for samosa, prepared by well trained and talented chefs in a hygienic environment is a sure fire hit. The samosa has been innovated time and again. The crust, toppings and flavorings are modified to suit the changing Indian palate.

A franchise offers a standard operating procedure, marketing, well trained chefs, supporting staff to provide an affordable and value for money meal option.


When life gives you peace (peas) and potato, buy some maida and make a samosa and relish it!

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