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Rasam & Coffee – All you need to feel better!

All you need to feel better and awaken your senses is, cuppa coffee or bowl of rasam !

Piquant and Sensuous Rasam

Rasam has the appeal of delectable South Indian food which has a pungent, fiery taste. Rasam can be served in multifarious ways-

  • An ‘aperitif’, right before the start of a meal.
  • As a ‘soup’ to stimulate your digestive juices.
  • As an accompaniment with a steaming hot ‘plate’ or ‘bowl’ of rice along with ‘sambhar’ and vegetable dish.
  • An excellent remedy for cold and cough on a cold, wintery or rainy day, warming up your insides to shoo the bout of flu away.
  • To dunk your piping hot ‘wadas’ or ‘idlis into it – can anyone resist a dish of yummy ‘rasam wada/idli/?’


The word ‘Rasam’ has its origin in Sanskrit ‘rasa’ which means juice or extract. The thin water consistency makes it easy to drink. It retains the ‘essence’ or ‘saar’ of the spices as it is not overcooked.

Rasam get its tangy taste from ‘tomato’, ‘tamarind’ or the humble ‘lemon’. It may or may not make the use of ‘lentils’/ ‘dals’ or ‘rasam powder. With more than 10+ varieties, Rasam definitely rules the roost in most South Indian homes and eateries.


Coffee has withstood the test of time from its humble avatar as brewed, filtered ‘Kaapi’ served in small stainless steel tumblers to its westernized version served ‘black’ or ‘creamed’ in humongous, ceramic mugs.

The ‘Coffee Culture’ is fast spreading craze, we Indians are quickly transforming from ‘chai’ tea lovers to coffee crazy people owing to various coffee cafes opening up. As the fad is catching up these spaces are becoming socializing spots creating connections.

A lot more happens over coffee in these cafeterias and coffee lounges especially for the young and working professionals. Many a youngster can be seen plugging in their laptop and working the hours away over a mug of coffee; others can be seen brewing deals in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Franchise opportunities for coffee shop chains stir high opportunities for the franchisor. For the world that is always on the go, a coffee shop is a convenient place to have a quick bite over a cuppa of coffee. For more information visit www.coffeehousemountroad.com or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.