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“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

Someone has rightly said that Like Hollywood movies, MTV and blue jeans, fast food have become one of America’s major cultural exports. With more and more youth entering the workforce, a growth spurt in the economy, rising income, more and more women stepping out of their homes to fulfill their professional aspirations, fast food becomes a sort of quick-fix. Indian taste-buds are opening to diverse tastes owing to globalization. Indians are prone to welcome cuisines of cultures. They are open to newer options like pizza by the slice.

Pizzas are touted as authentic Italian food but the Americanized ones are popular too.

Many outlets have their expert Pizzaiolos who skillfully toss the dough in the air in the open kitchens.

Most Indians nowadays prefer the wood fired options, or thin crust base as opposed to thick crust. These are topped with carefully selected garden fresh ingredients.

Some relish the thick crust with cheesy fillings-a cheese burst pizza.

Some outlets have Indianized their pizzas by introducing options like Tandoori Chicken/Paneer or adding eggplants or aubergines.

Some have come up with innovative shapes like square and experiment with different kinds of cheese. Eating pizza has become a fine dine experience with exotic cheeses like parmesan, cheddar, Gouda, ricotta and even goat cheese making their entry.

The existing brands have made a humongous attempt to introduce fast food like pizzas, pastas with accompaniments as meal replacements and not a snack.

So take a bite of your classic Margherita, Napoletana or go for farm fresh variety for the vegetarian.


Putting your money in a recognized brand name helps you to capture the fancy of the local market.

It comes with a set of advantages which entail –

Availability of an operations manual and training programs for the management team and other personnel on your payroll.

Support from the headquarters with an aim at improving performance and supervising the retaining of the brand’s standard.

A guaranteed return on investment (ROI) within months of starting your business, matching your expectations.

There added opportunity to tap in newer locations, expanding the business.

A properly planned and implemented advertising and marketing program for all the franchisees.

Constant innovations and additions in menu and services to keep up with competition.

Empowered with a solid business plan and a concrete marketing strategy, what is stopping you from taking up Coffee House fast food franchise? For more information visit or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.