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Let’s Chaat

No pizza, no burger and softy for me, I want Chaat!

Only Pani Puri, Sev puri, Pav bhaji and gola  or kullad ki chai for a chaat lover like me.

Indians are crazy about chaat; there is no second thought about. Chaat is popular street food with origins in Northern India. What fast food like pizzas, burger, is to the Western world -Chaat is to us Indians, who are complete foodies. The combination of sweet, tangy and spicy chutneys makes you drool. The crispy, crunchy puris/papdis acquire the right degree of sogginess when the chutneys, boiled potatoes are added to it. The marriage of the right ingredients makes ‘Chaat’ a hit combination and taking up a ‘Chaat’ franchise is a sure shot hit idea. The word ‘chaat’ comes from Hindi which means to lick the savory stuff, aren’t we all ‘Chatore’ (chaat lovers)?


 Bambaiya or Dilli?

Indians are habitually divided in their opinions about everything; some love the North Indian – Delhi style chaat whilst others can’t resist the Mumbaiyya (Mumbai) style.

Who can resist the delicious gol gappa papdi chaat, samosa chaat, aloo tikki chaat, dahi bhalle. Some of them like papdi chaat and samosa have their origins in the Mughal era.

Pav Bhaji is popular food that originated on streets of Mumbai, is tasty, yummy which can be classified as street food or ‘Chaat’. Wada Pav, the Indian version of the burger is another product off the streets of Mumbai.

The Samosa chat has a flattened samosa topped with chole (cooked chickpeas) topped with crunchy onions, savory chutneys. It’s a meal by itself.


Pani Puri or Gol Gappas, the yummy spherical balls filled with tangy coriander mint water, imli (tamarind) chutney, small potato cubes and some channa(chick peas). Pop the whole thing in your mouth to enjoy the goodness.


Sev Puri and Bhel Puri- These two chaat dishes again are born on the streets of Mumbai. The ubiquitous bhel, the ‘sookha’ (dry) or the ‘geela’ (wet) version made out of crisp rice flakes crisp has to be consumed pronto before it turns soggy.


Aloo Tikki or Ragda Pattice- Call it by whichever you name you desire, can anyone resist an aloo patty with all those yummy additives?

A chaat franchise is a low risk, low investment business opportunity. It can be operated out of food trucks, kiosks, in food courts.

It’s easy to penetrate the local markets, by serving local favorites to attract local customers.

The franchiser provides training and marketing support to providing hygienic food prepare using standardized procedures. There are consistent innovations, indigenous menu, and brand association with popular brands making a franchise a win-win negotiation. For more information visit or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.