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Franchising is a Bustling Business Model currently in India. But to identify the right franchising business is the key!

With the huge success of Coffee House @ Mount Road and the garnered strength in the recent years in the various facets of business including but not limited to strong production team comprising of 100 plus team members, kitchen innovation, food innovation, delivery management, identifying appropriate business location, hiring the required human resources and management, billing and accounting system, marketing Coffee House @ Mount Road is all set to open up the Franchising options to like minded budding entrepreneurs.

The below may be the various questions one needs to ask before signing for the Franchising Business,

1. Is the proposed franchising business the need of the current time and the local catchment?
There has always been a huge demand for good Food and Beverage Restaurants and there will always be. A good Food and Beverage Restaurant is always a demand in catchment / area.

2. What is the demand for Food and Beverage Restaurants in the present scenario?
Food and Beverage Restaurants are one among the most highly profitable running business. The demand for good Food and Beverage Restaurants shall prevail always. The spending power of the people in outside food eating is at all time high and steadily growing.

3. Can the Food and Beverage Restaurant withstand the current competition?
Despite the reason of numerous Food and Beverage Restaurants opening frequently good quality, well managed Food and Beverage Restaurants are making huge impact and profits.

4. I am a First Generation Entrepreneur, what support will I get from Coffee House @ Mount Road for the franchise business?
Coffee House @ Mount Road has very clear growth roadmaps. Coffee House @ Mount Road shall ensure all its franchisee stores are highly profitable and successful and shall support the Franchisee with the various below list of activities,

  • Store Location Identification
  • Negotiating the Rental and Advance with the Landlord and Signing the rental Agreement
  • Providing the required Design Document – To Set Up the complete store
  • Assist with the required list of vendors for setting up the store
  • Provide with the vendors for setting up the Kitchen
  • Provide with the required staffing for the Kitchen
  • Assist with the required staffing for Billing, Operations, Management, Housekeeping Etc
  • Assist with the required Billing and Accounting Software
  • Provide with the required Food Materials
  • Assist with the required vendors various Food Raw Materials
  • Assist with the required Marketing Activities
  • Provide with the required Quality and Operations Audits
  • Assists with the on-boarding in various online Apps.

5. What is required area?
We shall require from 400 Sqft  to 1500 Sqft

6. What is required Investment?
The investment shall start from 30 Lakhs onwards

7. How soon can I open the Franchising Store?
3 – 4 Months from the date of signing the agreement.

8. What is the return on the Investment?
12 – 18 Months

9. Can I choose the location to open Coffee House @ Mount Road?
Yes, but we need to validate the business feasibility and then we may approve depending upon the feasibility study.