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Festivals & Various Cuisines

The food festivals is a  ‘big idea’ and has a little something for everyone, right from the chef and the culinary staff to generating revenue for the outlet, culminating with the experience with end user- the customer, who is the ‘King’ in the game. Food is the common denominator which fulfills the chef’s desire to try out new delicacies, the customer’s desire to experiment new cuisines, translating into an income churning opportunity for the franchise.

In a country like India where there are a plethora of festivals, every festival is synonymous with a particular food of that region. From Sankranti to Diwali all festivals give an opportunity to churn out regional delicacies which are otherwise not available on the regular menu.

The sales of chikki, ‘til gud’ go up, with puran poli and gud poli which are a hot favourite too, following suit. Fini made up of flour, pure ghee, with a bird’s nest like appearance comes from the desert state of Rajasthan is popular during the festival of Makar Sankranti . Til patti, flat discs of til, sugar, ghee rolled out paper thin are another hot favourite from Rajasthan. Gajak, a speciality from Indore, is made with sesame (til seeds), dry fruitsstarts appearing in multiple quantities in sweet shops pa India. Jaggery is the sweetener used in winter months as it warms up your body.

Most outlets, be them restaurants or ‘mithai’ (sweet meat shops), all vie for churning out the tastiest ‘Undhiyo’ which hails from another dry state of India, Gujurat. Undhiyo can be savored with teaming hot puris or phulka. The ingredients used are the freshest and the choicest of the vegetables available in the winter season.

Festivals bring out various cuisines from all over India, churning out a distinct regional culinary experience which satiates need of the customers. For more information visit www.coffeehousemountroad.com or call us at +91 97 90 862 302.