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Eat well and spend less!

A restaurant which typically serves fast food and has minimum table service can be slotted as QSR Quick Service Restaurant. They can be classified as eat-in, take-away, drive-through and home-delivery segments.

We can witness an upward trend in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry. The ascending momentum can be attributed to a larger disposable income of people, mobility of the young- out of home for professional purposes. The availability of a quick bite and a cheaper alternative makes it an alluring option for people on the go.

The ‘Eating Out’ culture is mushrooming pan India with more and more women stepping out of homes to supplement the family incomes. This leaves them with less time to shell out in kitchens.

In a QSR, there is no actual cooking hassle, only assembling together the final product. A QSR franchise benefits as staff is trained in homogeneous methods by the franchiser.

The Indian customer is spoilt for choice as both Indian and international brands are fighting it out in the burgeoning market space. Options from international brands are specialties like burgers, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches. Most of these have been adapted to suit the Indian palate.

Indian players in the QSR segment taker have a leaning towards the vegetarian market. They take the effort of catering to the whims and fancies of the Indian customer – ‘no beef based products’, ‘separate cooking areas for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food’,

You can see Quick Service Restaurants on the rise in smaller setups in high-density (high footfall) areas with sky high rentals. Their presence is growing in malls, high streets, office complexes, airports, hospitals, highways.

Research shows that more and more Indian consumers prefer to eat out, atleast once a week. This lifestyle shift is reflected is reflected in the growing expansion of QSR chains nationwide. The expansion plans of these chains include tapping on the rising potential of this segment. For more information visit us at or call us at +91 9677094230

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