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Quick Service Restaurant- Jump in to an ocean of deliciousness

A Quick service restaurant often serves a buffet of cuisines under one roof- be it North Indian, South Indian, Cakes and pastries.


The main challenge while providing host of options lies in managing and maintaining the authenticity of the food. These challenges are met by employing extremely talented chefs whose expertise lies in making specialized food. This helps in maintaining the standard of the food served.

Need For a Single Canopy

People are becoming savvy to a bevy of cuisines. Millennial’s travel all over India for work, adventure and sight-seeing. This exposure makes them familiar with various cuisines from India. They want to repeat the experience right in their hometown.

In Chennai they desire to eat the samosa they had tasted in Mumbai.

They would love to have the same deserts (the chocolate mousse, that slice of a black forest cake) they had at a friend’s birthday.

The kids would love to have Pani-Puri, a slice of Pizza for snacking.

The elders in the family would like to have a cup of their favourite-South Indian filter coffee with their favourite South Indian meal.

This necessitates a need for a restaurant where all menus are available under a single canopy. This is where a Quick Service Restaurant with multifarious options comes into picture.

A place where all go home happy; with their tummy full and a satiated smile on their lips.


Why Franchise?

It’s advisable to invest in an existing Quick Service Restaurant franchise due to its existing hold on the market.

This helps to reach out to more and more people, adding to the already existing and loyal fan base.

  • It helps in securing a position and a strong foothold in a market with dynamic consumer tastes. A growing number of franchises help in building and strengthening the brand name. For more information visit coffeehousemountroad.com or call us on +91 9677094230. ++91 91 96 77 09 42 30