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quick service restaurant

Quick Service Restaurant- Jump in to an ocean of deliciousness

A Quick service restaurant often serves a buffet of cuisines under one roof- be it North Indian, South Indian, Cakes and pastries.


The main challenge while providing host of options lies in managing and maintaining the authenticity of the food. These challenges are met by employing extremely talented chefs whose expertise lies in making specialized food. This helps in maintaining the standard of the food served.

Need For a Single Canopy

People are becoming savvy to a bevy of cuisines. Millennial’s travel all over India for work, adventure and sight-seeing. This exposure makes them familiar with various cuisines from India. They want to repeat the experience right in their hometown.

In Chennai they desire to eat the samosa they had tasted in Mumbai.

They would love to have the same deserts (the chocolate mousse, that slice of a black forest cake) they had at a friend’s birthday.

The kids would love to have Pani-Puri, a slice of Pizza for snacking.

The elders in the family would like to have a cup of their favourite-South Indian filter coffee with their favourite South Indian meal.

This necessitates a need for a restaurant where all menus are available under a single canopy. This is where a Quick Service Restaurant with multifarious options comes into picture.

A place where all go home happy; with their tummy full and a satiated smile on their lips.


Why Franchise?

It’s advisable to invest in an existing Quick Service Restaurant franchise due to its existing hold on the market.

This helps to reach out to more and more people, adding to the already existing and loyal fan base.

  • It helps in securing a position and a strong foothold in a market with dynamic consumer tastes. A growing number of franchises help in building and strengthening the brand name. For more information visit or call us on +91 9677094230. ++91 91 96 77 09 42 30

Eat well and spend less!

A restaurant which typically serves fast food and has minimum table service can be slotted as QSR Quick Service Restaurant. They can be classified as eat-in, take-away, drive-through and home-delivery segments.

We can witness an upward trend in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry. The ascending momentum can be attributed to a larger disposable income of people, mobility of the young- out of home for professional purposes. The availability of a quick bite and a cheaper alternative makes it an alluring option for people on the go.

The ‘Eating Out’ culture is mushrooming pan India with more and more women stepping out of homes to supplement the family incomes. This leaves them with less time to shell out in kitchens.

In a QSR, there is no actual cooking hassle, only assembling together the final product. A QSR franchise benefits as staff is trained in homogeneous methods by the franchiser.

The Indian customer is spoilt for choice as both Indian and international brands are fighting it out in the burgeoning market space. Options from international brands are specialties like burgers, pizzas, wraps, sandwiches. Most of these have been adapted to suit the Indian palate.

Indian players in the QSR segment taker have a leaning towards the vegetarian market. They take the effort of catering to the whims and fancies of the Indian customer – ‘no beef based products’, ‘separate cooking areas for vegetarian and non-vegetarian food’,

You can see Quick Service Restaurants on the rise in smaller setups in high-density (high footfall) areas with sky high rentals. Their presence is growing in malls, high streets, office complexes, airports, hospitals, highways.

Research shows that more and more Indian consumers prefer to eat out, atleast once a week. This lifestyle shift is reflected is reflected in the growing expansion of QSR chains nationwide. The expansion plans of these chains include tapping on the rising potential of this segment. For more information visit us at or call us at +91 9677094230

A restaurant for both AM & PM people!

food franchise

A food franchise- A flavour for now & Forever

An entrepreneur steps into the business world with stars in his eyes, a food franchise is a sure-fire way to achieve those dreams. The franchise model comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, the advantages out weighing the disadvantages.

A franchise is a contract between the owner of a particular brand (franchisor) and the entrepreneur (franchisee), who is eligible to use the name of the brand or trademark to sell their products or services. Some international popular food franchises which come to your mind are MacDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Starbucks and others. Closer to home we have Tibbs (frankies), Haldirams, Ribbons and Balloons, CCD Cafe Coffee Day, the list is endless.

The franchise business model involves the right to use the brand and its various attributes. It also involves transferring of valuable information from the franchisor –

  • Amount to be invested
  • A ready forecast on ROI; return of investment
  • Guidelines to conduct business and attracting and retaining customers

A food franchise has an added advantage-

In-built Appeal

When it comes to eating out, most customers prefer standardized food from a known brand. This is a big advantage as a product of a known franchise has already proved its staying power and is not a new fangled fad. This is the first step in decision making while taking up a Food Franchise.

Trouble-Free Finance

It’s easy to approach lending institutions for finance needs as they are familiar with real estate and equipment needs of running a food joint. These sources have high faith in the high revenue output of a model food franchise.


Past Performance History

 The existing outlets of a popular, franchisee which have been functional for a while make it easy to track and verify their past record of success. This helps you to take an up-to-date investment decision.


Status Symbol

A food franchise has a great deal of charishma and a glamour quotient associated to it, especially with a people who run a food franchise. This prestige symbol associated with the food franchise business excites many potential franchisees.


Most food franchises have uncomplicated operational procedures.

Many of them don’t involve the hassle of on-site cooking of a product.

Many of them are equipped with a delivery system which transports ready-to-serve food products or products which have to be put together at the franchise outlet like bakery products, sandwiches.

These are a cakewalk, to take up, as much effort is not required due to standardized output. For more information visit or call us at +91 9677094230.

3 cheers to Food Franchising!

Samosa – The King of Snacks

What is a Samosa?

A little crispy start

A little mushy next,

Served hot served, served right.

A Samosa is a 3D triangle, its volume filled with goodies. Samosa and cutting chai (tea) have been the necessities (the staple diet) of students pan India through their college days. How they wish it would transform into a 3D octagonal one, it would add more to its charisma (appeal) and of course its volume!

If you look further down, most of us Indians in our growing up years had indigenous birthday parties with the ubiquitous samosa, potato wafers and cake.

It is crisp, scalding hot, stuffed with potatoes and peas, tempered with the right masalas, served with tamarind or green chutney on the side. Accompanied with endless cups of hot Masala chai (tea), it is the perfect antidote for your lethargy on a lazy winter afternoon.

The samosa has its origins in South East Asia, satisfying cravings with a blast of flavor in every bite. A ‘fit’ or ‘hit’ for every occasion, it is now being modified to serve the changing taste buds. There is the ‘Samosa Chaat’, samosa topped with choley, khatta-meetha imli chutney (sweet, sour tamarind dip), and slivers of onions to add to the crunchiness. This Chaat is like a mini meal. Other than the regular Punjabi samosa, the new entrants on the scene are Chinese, Italian and Mexican flavors, importing taste from different parts of the world. And hold your breath there is chocolate samosa for the chocoholics!

The samosa very much alike an enthusiastic traveler has left its footprint pan India. It can be never be junk! The loyal Indian derives great pleasure in crushing its outer cover and dunking it in a cup of hot adrakwali (ginger) tea. Then coolly attacks the mushy next savoring its goodness!

This twisted pack of goodness is the king of snacks. In most parts of India, especially in the North you find it on the breakfast table with regularity. It is served at high tea, kitty parties.

A food franchise for samosa, prepared by well trained and talented chefs in a hygienic environment is a sure fire hit. The samosa has been innovated time and again. The crust, toppings and flavorings are modified to suit the changing Indian palate.

A franchise offers a standard operating procedure, marketing, well trained chefs, supporting staff to provide an affordable and value for money meal option.


When life gives you peace (peas) and potato, buy some maida and make a samosa and relish it!

For more information visit or call on +91 96 77 09 42 30.

Festivals & Various Cuisines

The food festivals is a  ‘big idea’ and has a little something for everyone, right from the chef and the culinary staff to generating revenue for the outlet, culminating with the experience with end user- the customer, who is the ‘King’ in the game. Food is the common denominator which fulfills the chef’s desire to try out new delicacies, the customer’s desire to experiment new cuisines, translating into an income churning opportunity for the franchise.

In a country like India where there are a plethora of festivals, every festival is synonymous with a particular food of that region. From Sankranti to Diwali all festivals give an opportunity to churn out regional delicacies which are otherwise not available on the regular menu.

The sales of chikki, ‘til gud’ go up, with puran poli and gud poli which are a hot favourite too, following suit. Fini made up of flour, pure ghee, with a bird’s nest like appearance comes from the desert state of Rajasthan is popular during the festival of Makar Sankranti . Til patti, flat discs of til, sugar, ghee rolled out paper thin are another hot favourite from Rajasthan. Gajak, a speciality from Indore, is made with sesame (til seeds), dry fruitsstarts appearing in multiple quantities in sweet shops pa India. Jaggery is the sweetener used in winter months as it warms up your body.

Most outlets, be them restaurants or ‘mithai’ (sweet meat shops), all vie for churning out the tastiest ‘Undhiyo’ which hails from another dry state of India, Gujurat. Undhiyo can be savored with teaming hot puris or phulka. The ingredients used are the freshest and the choicest of the vegetables available in the winter season.

Festivals bring out various cuisines from all over India, churning out a distinct regional culinary experience which satiates need of the customers. For more information visit or call us at +91 97 90 862 302.


Rasam & Coffee – All you need to feel better!

All you need to feel better and awaken your senses is, cuppa coffee or bowl of rasam !

Piquant and Sensuous Rasam

Rasam has the appeal of delectable South Indian food which has a pungent, fiery taste. Rasam can be served in multifarious ways-

  • An ‘aperitif’, right before the start of a meal.
  • As a ‘soup’ to stimulate your digestive juices.
  • As an accompaniment with a steaming hot ‘plate’ or ‘bowl’ of rice along with ‘sambhar’ and vegetable dish.
  • An excellent remedy for cold and cough on a cold, wintery or rainy day, warming up your insides to shoo the bout of flu away.
  • To dunk your piping hot ‘wadas’ or ‘idlis into it – can anyone resist a dish of yummy ‘rasam wada/idli/?’


The word ‘Rasam’ has its origin in Sanskrit ‘rasa’ which means juice or extract. The thin water consistency makes it easy to drink. It retains the ‘essence’ or ‘saar’ of the spices as it is not overcooked.

Rasam get its tangy taste from ‘tomato’, ‘tamarind’ or the humble ‘lemon’. It may or may not make the use of ‘lentils’/ ‘dals’ or ‘rasam powder. With more than 10+ varieties, Rasam definitely rules the roost in most South Indian homes and eateries.


Coffee has withstood the test of time from its humble avatar as brewed, filtered ‘Kaapi’ served in small stainless steel tumblers to its westernized version served ‘black’ or ‘creamed’ in humongous, ceramic mugs.

The ‘Coffee Culture’ is fast spreading craze, we Indians are quickly transforming from ‘chai’ tea lovers to coffee crazy people owing to various coffee cafes opening up. As the fad is catching up these spaces are becoming socializing spots creating connections.

A lot more happens over coffee in these cafeterias and coffee lounges especially for the young and working professionals. Many a youngster can be seen plugging in their laptop and working the hours away over a mug of coffee; others can be seen brewing deals in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Franchise opportunities for coffee shop chains stir high opportunities for the franchisor. For the world that is always on the go, a coffee shop is a convenient place to have a quick bite over a cuppa of coffee. For more information visit or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.


Let’s Chaat

No pizza, no burger and softy for me, I want Chaat!

Only Pani Puri, Sev puri, Pav bhaji and gola  or kullad ki chai for a chaat lover like me.

Indians are crazy about chaat; there is no second thought about. Chaat is popular street food with origins in Northern India. What fast food like pizzas, burger, is to the Western world -Chaat is to us Indians, who are complete foodies. The combination of sweet, tangy and spicy chutneys makes you drool. The crispy, crunchy puris/papdis acquire the right degree of sogginess when the chutneys, boiled potatoes are added to it. The marriage of the right ingredients makes ‘Chaat’ a hit combination and taking up a ‘Chaat’ franchise is a sure shot hit idea. The word ‘chaat’ comes from Hindi which means to lick the savory stuff, aren’t we all ‘Chatore’ (chaat lovers)?


 Bambaiya or Dilli?

Indians are habitually divided in their opinions about everything; some love the North Indian – Delhi style chaat whilst others can’t resist the Mumbaiyya (Mumbai) style.

Who can resist the delicious gol gappa papdi chaat, samosa chaat, aloo tikki chaat, dahi bhalle. Some of them like papdi chaat and samosa have their origins in the Mughal era.

Pav Bhaji is popular food that originated on streets of Mumbai, is tasty, yummy which can be classified as street food or ‘Chaat’. Wada Pav, the Indian version of the burger is another product off the streets of Mumbai.

The Samosa chat has a flattened samosa topped with chole (cooked chickpeas) topped with crunchy onions, savory chutneys. It’s a meal by itself.


Pani Puri or Gol Gappas, the yummy spherical balls filled with tangy coriander mint water, imli (tamarind) chutney, small potato cubes and some channa(chick peas). Pop the whole thing in your mouth to enjoy the goodness.


Sev Puri and Bhel Puri- These two chaat dishes again are born on the streets of Mumbai. The ubiquitous bhel, the ‘sookha’ (dry) or the ‘geela’ (wet) version made out of crisp rice flakes crisp has to be consumed pronto before it turns soggy.


Aloo Tikki or Ragda Pattice- Call it by whichever you name you desire, can anyone resist an aloo patty with all those yummy additives?

A chaat franchise is a low risk, low investment business opportunity. It can be operated out of food trucks, kiosks, in food courts.

It’s easy to penetrate the local markets, by serving local favorites to attract local customers.

The franchiser provides training and marketing support to providing hygienic food prepare using standardized procedures. There are consistent innovations, indigenous menu, and brand association with popular brands making a franchise a win-win negotiation. For more information visit or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.


Taste in Every Healthy Sip

If life gives you lemons, make some kind of fruity juice.

More and more customers are opting for healthier options like juices and smoothies over colas and beverages. They are no longer considered a fad as health conscious people are seeking healthier alternatives. A fresh juice fuels your body fulfilling your nutrition needs and at the same time tastes good.


Once frequented by health geeks, the popularity of a juice franchise has extended to drinks that quench your thirst but give you an instant boost of energy. The very same that crowd that frequents coffee shops is looking for wholesome, nutritious alternatives.

They bring in their friends, informing them via social media. Thus the juice bar franchise becomes media-savvy social resulting in repeated and newer footfalls.

Taste the Natural -100% fruit, 0% anything else

It’s a lifestyle makeover for the health conscious customer who is forever on the go, hard-pressed for time. They are doing a U-turn from the packaged and canned sugary drinks loaded with high-fructose content and artificial flavorings. They are opting for the vitamin-rich nutritious alternative. The fruits and vegetables used in the blends are farm fresh, sourced from local vendors. The juice is advised to be consumed within 20 minutes of extracting. Once the oxidation process starts the nutritional value starts declining. Great care is taken to extract juices with help of sanitized machinery/equipment.

There are additives to the menu like healthy salads on the side, soups for a wintery day. The place is ideal for those who want to hang out and have their dose of nutrition and equally ideal for those who need something on the go.

This is the right fix for those who want more green in their diet and  prefer natural ingredients but are having too much on their plate to concoct something on their own .Visiting a juice bar is must for these new veterans.


The market is highly optimistic according to industry experts. The youth keep coming back for an unforgettable boost of energy from natural products. They are hooked and booked for life. This paradigm shift in cultural preferences, juice over coffee and other beverages will help franchises double their numbers in a quick span of time.

The Franchisors are looking for great franchise partners who can help the business to reach multiple cities. For more information visit or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.



“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

Someone has rightly said that Like Hollywood movies, MTV and blue jeans, fast food have become one of America’s major cultural exports. With more and more youth entering the workforce, a growth spurt in the economy, rising income, more and more women stepping out of their homes to fulfill their professional aspirations, fast food becomes a sort of quick-fix. Indian taste-buds are opening to diverse tastes owing to globalization. Indians are prone to welcome cuisines of cultures. They are open to newer options like pizza by the slice.

Pizzas are touted as authentic Italian food but the Americanized ones are popular too.

Many outlets have their expert Pizzaiolos who skillfully toss the dough in the air in the open kitchens.

Most Indians nowadays prefer the wood fired options, or thin crust base as opposed to thick crust. These are topped with carefully selected garden fresh ingredients.

Some relish the thick crust with cheesy fillings-a cheese burst pizza.

Some outlets have Indianized their pizzas by introducing options like Tandoori Chicken/Paneer or adding eggplants or aubergines.

Some have come up with innovative shapes like square and experiment with different kinds of cheese. Eating pizza has become a fine dine experience with exotic cheeses like parmesan, cheddar, Gouda, ricotta and even goat cheese making their entry.

The existing brands have made a humongous attempt to introduce fast food like pizzas, pastas with accompaniments as meal replacements and not a snack.

So take a bite of your classic Margherita, Napoletana or go for farm fresh variety for the vegetarian.


Putting your money in a recognized brand name helps you to capture the fancy of the local market.

It comes with a set of advantages which entail –

Availability of an operations manual and training programs for the management team and other personnel on your payroll.

Support from the headquarters with an aim at improving performance and supervising the retaining of the brand’s standard.

A guaranteed return on investment (ROI) within months of starting your business, matching your expectations.

There added opportunity to tap in newer locations, expanding the business.

A properly planned and implemented advertising and marketing program for all the franchisees.

Constant innovations and additions in menu and services to keep up with competition.

Empowered with a solid business plan and a concrete marketing strategy, what is stopping you from taking up Coffee House fast food franchise? For more information visit or call us at +91 96 77 09 42 30.






Baking your Ideas To Life!

A baking franchise equals taking a bite out of a well established legacy.  A franchise which offers an all inclusive range of bakery products from tea time cakes, cookies, pastries, cheesecakes, pastries and savory products is a complete win-win situation for both franchisor and franchisee.

There’s nothing a cupcake and a cuppa coffee cannot solve

The products are a perfect treat for your guests, ideal for any occasion in your home or even for self indulgence. A lot of effort and time has been divested in creating unique deserts which capture the imagination of many a desert lover. For small parties and sit down dinners people prefer rounding up with a round of deserts.


The savories relished globally are served under a single canopy. It serves as an ideal destination for those who want to satiate their sweet tooth. The freshly baked products use the choicest of ingredients; follow age-old baking techniques to preserve the freshness of the produce.


The appealing ambience of a café type of atmosphere adds to your gourmet experience. The place makes an ideal hangout for youngsters, office goers who want to have a quick bite on the go.


A franchise has brand value, recall value which has been built over the years. It also has a loyal customer base fabricated over the years. There is support available in terms of advertising and marketing and even operations. New products launched are given wide scale publicity. This benefits all franchise owners.


Crossing the T’s and Dotting the I’s

All the products are prepared in a modern setup, by adhering to stringent guidelines pertaining to hygiene and cleanliness. A lot of planning goes into adopting a strict discipline while it comes to delivery of freshly baked products. For more information visit


Come and  taste of old world style baked goods, today!