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About Coffee House

Coffee House @ Mount Road as the name says is Great Place For Pure South Indian Filter Coffee Lovers. The aroma of the coffee all time is an overwhelming experience at Coffee House @ Mount Road. Be it early morning 4 AM or Midnight you shall see the Chennai Coffee Lovers stacked up to sip this great coffee which is sold just at Rs. 10. We sell about 2 Million coffee annually at our flagship store Coffee House @ Mount Road.

Is Coffee House @ Mount Road only about Coffee? Coffee House @ Mount Road is more than just a Coffee, at Coffee House @ Mount Road you can start your day with an early and quick breakfast, have a good lunch, enjoy a multi cuisine dinner.

Is there a birthday at home enjoy the eggless cakes and the bakery products which shall ensure all your guests to have a great time during the celebration.

If its festival time fill your home with sweet n joyous moment and share with your friends and family the pure sweets and savories from Coffee House @ Mountroad.

Coffee House @ Mount  Road also serves Snacks, Quick Bites, Hot and cold Beverages, Chat Etc.

The In-house Coffee House Production Team consists of 100 plus members who are all deemed to delivery good food with great and consistent quality and affordable pricing.

Coffee House @ Mount Road envisages becoming the largest FnB Chain in Tamilnadu within the next 5 years and with at least about 100 outlets within 2021.

Coffee House @ Mount Road management includes a combination of portfolio with expertise including but not limited to kitchen innovation, production & operation, food connoisseur, sales and marketing, process management, etc.